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CASA Wood Fired Pizza Ovens

outdoors italian quality grill


Quality domestic pizza ovens and accessories suited for indoor and outdoor home use. Turn your garden into a entertainment place with the highest quality pizza ovens available. We offer excellent wood fired pizza ovens or brick fired ovens and additional accessories that fit within any budget.  Perfect for beginners and professionals.

garden gas fire
wood smoker oven

Wood Fired Pizza Oven

The countertop design makes garden pizza oven perfect for new or existing outdoor kitchens and indoors. Pizza ovens are also perfect for roasting meats, fish and vegetables.

Make cooking more fun grilling, baking and preparing creative and moreish dishes and try our delicious recipes in an oven that is also a statement of style.

Garden ovens

Make your home the go-to place for friends and family by creating an amazing pizza any many other dishes cooked in an authentic Italian pizza oven that is Made in Italy.

Innovative Technology

The wood-burning oven is an excellent choice for creating the perfect pizza.  Changing temperature and cooking times will also allow you to cook anything to perfection including meat, pasta, fish, puddings and you name it.

Have your pizza oven installed in the kitchen, in the garden, on a balcony  or terrace. Share special moments of life with family and friends eating good food cooked in a wood-fired oven.

High-Performance Pizza Ovens

Brick ovens and gas versions allow for greater ease of use by keeping the wood-burning oven efficient and optimised for instant baking.

Pizza Accessories

garden cooking
pizza oven cooking

Restaurant quality pizza

Bring friends and family together with amazing great tasting authentic food. Cook anything from restaurant-quality pizza to roasted fish, hearty vegetable dishes, and all types of meats.

made in italy

Original patented hand made Italian design.

cooked bake pizza

3 cm refractory bricks made in house.

stone baked pizza oven

Double layer of European insulation.

alfa pizza

Stainless steel structure under the floor.

grilling pizza

Double layer powder coating is heat and weather resistant.

flame grilled

Multi functional cooking system.


Innovation and tradition.