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Famag IM 5-S-10V spiral mixer

outdoors italian quality grill

TRIGGER Single-phase at 10 Speeds – 5 KG

Tip-up head model with removable bowl

The spiral mixer FAMAG IM 5-S-10V GRILLETTA at 10 speeds is a machine for making different types of dough, especially suitable for soft and highly hydrated doughs such as pan pizza, Roman grip, gluten-free dough and for small and large leavened products.

Designed and built like large kneading machines, the IM5-S-10V 10-speed GRILLETTA finds its use for both domestic and professional use. Thanks to its extremely accurate and reliable mechanics, the machine is silent, with low energy consumption and does not require any maintenance.

The possibility of lifting the mixer head and removing the bowl make this machine the top of the world market. This makes it easier to clean the inside of the tank and the hook, which is usually quite difficult, and to be able to transport the dough directly into the container and then work it where you want.

Chain transmission.

High thickness steel structure.

Painting with non-toxic epoxy powders for food.

Stainless steel bowl, spiral, framing bar

Dishwasher safe tub

Maximum dough capacity: 5kg (flour + water)

Minimum dough capacity: 1kg (flour + water)

3 Years Warranty.

Made in Italy

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