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Master Vision

outdoors italian quality grill

Master Vison 112 – Top

£ 1,420.00

Master Vision 125 – Top


Master Vision 140 – Top


Wood fired authentic Italian style.

The wood fired pizza oven Alfa Ref is the most popular worldwide, available in 3 different sizes.

Master Vision is the wood-fired oven ideal for the home. Designed to be placed both indoors and in the garden. Once installed, you can customize the coating to suit your style.

Cooking pizza, bread, cakes, roasts, grills (meat, fish, vegetables), and all meals will be more exciting than ever.

This wood fired pizza oven is equipped with an electric light inside the cooking chamber and ceramic glass (resistant to 800°C) inserted in the door to better control the cooking. The hinged door is in refractory material.

Master Vision can cook up to 8 pizzas at a time or 16 kg of bread baked depending on the size.

Innovative design

Italian elegance

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