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Classico 4 Pizze Wood Fired Pizza Oven

From: £2,950.00

The Classico 4 Pizze is the perfect option for feeding a large family or gathering friends together for an Italian feast. Able to come up to temperature at remarkable speed for an oven of this scale, it has the capacity to cook four pizzas at a time in just 90 seconds. With its soft curves and subtle colours, the Classico range can complement any outdoor space.

Available in Copper, Ardesia Grey or Diamond Grey.

Wood-burning or gas-burning models available. Add a Hybrid Kit to a gas model to enable you to switch between gas and wood.

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Discover the Classico 4 Pizze

A wood-burning pizza oven with a traditional design and compact size that allows you to cook a perfect pizza in just 90 seconds and up to 4 kg of bread per baking.

4 Pizze is the ideal solution for those who have little space, but still want to cook pizzas or tasty delicacies to surprise friends and family.

This pizza oven, in fact, will allow you not only to prepare a fragrant pizza, but also to make countless other recipes such as: bread, roasts, lasagne, vegetables and desserts.

The 4 Pizze oven is available with either wood or gas fuel, but you can choose to double your culinary possibilities by transforming it into a hybrid oven thanks to the Alfa Hybrid Kit.

Applied on the gas-fired oven, the Hybrid Kit will allow you to decide from time to time whether to cook your dishes using wood or gas, giving you the maximum freedom of expression in the kitchen.

Fire the oven up

Fire up the ALFA Forni 4 Pizze only 30 minutes before dinner.

500°C (1000°F) in just 15 minutes.

Make dough balls 3 hours before. Stretch the balls, top them and bake at 500°C (1000°F).

Cook your pizza in only 90 seconds.

Cook the pizza in 90 seconds by turning it a couple of times to make it brown evenly.

Bon appétit!

Take the pizza out of the oven, cut it and tuck it in! You’re the great pizza chef!

The new base is higher than the previous one, this will allow you to work more comfortably on your 4 Pizze oven.

The finish, painted with 7 layers at high temperature, is designed to be beautiful aesthetically and durable over time.

The convenient shelf which the base is equipped with is designed to help you reduce the space in your terrace or garden.

Assembling the base of the 4 Pizze oven by Alfa is quite simple: just screw the 4 legs on the shelf, mount the 4 wheels and place the oven on top, making sure to fix the 4 feet onto the base of the oven.

Additional information

Weight 145 kg
Dimensions 100 × 100 × 125 cm

Grey, Copper, Red

Weight (With Base)


Dimensions (With Base)

155cm x100cm x 217cm

Pizza Capacity


Bread Capacity



Wood Fired

Max Temperature

500°C (1000°F)

Product Line

Domestic > Classico

Heating Time

20 Minutes

# of People


Oven Floor Dimensions

80 x 60 cm

Average Fuel Consumption

4kg per hour


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